5 Strength-Building Exercises for a Better Yoga Practice

With the incorporation of strength building exercises, yoga practice can help you to achieve optimum physical and mental well- being.


The Yoga practice has proved to be one way you can maintain good health and self-healing.

With the incorporation of strength building exercises, yoga practice can help you to achieve optimum physical and mental well- being.

Here is a suggestion of strength exercises that you should consider including in your Yoga Practice.

1. Push Ups

Also known as Press- ups, Push- ups are an exercise that engages thoracic muscles, deltoids, abdominal muscles, triceps, and biceps.

Most therapists recommend push- ups because they are easy to do, no sports equipment is required, and you can do the exercise in the comfort of your living space.

To do perfect push ups:

  • Place your palm on the floor.
  • With the support of your toes, align your body in a straight position from the head to the legs.
  • In the straight position, lower your body, bending at the elbows till you are close to the floor.
  • Raise your body to the original position, and repeat the process for as long as you can.

Some of the conventional types of press ups include the knuckle push ups whereby you do the exercise in a fist position. Backhanded push ups are done in support of your back palms.

In a one arm press up, you have to lift yourself with a single arm. You can interchange the arms as you continue your workout.

2. Split Squat

The split squat exercises are important in developing the quadriceps muscles. For maximum strength, physiotherapists recommend that you use dumbells when working out. Remember to use weights that you feel comfortable carrying.

To start the exercise:

  • Stand upright with one foot elevated and stretched backward and the other one placed forward.
  • Hold a dumbbell hanging on each arm.
  • Start your workout by lowering your body, bending at the knee and hip joint of the back leg.
  • Lower your body till the back leg touches the ground.
  • Raise your body back to the starting position.

3. Pectoral Weightlifting


Pectoral weightlifting is a type of exercise that aims to improve the strength of chest muscles. The muscles engaged in this kind of exercise are the deltoids, triceps, and back muscles.

When doing the exercise:

  • You will be required to find exercising equipment like dumbbells or a bench press machine.
  • Find a seat with a soft, comfortable top
  • Lie on the bench facing upwards
  • In that position use your hands to lift up and down the weights using both hands.

The various types of pectoral weight lifting that exist include inclining dumbbell press and dumbbell flys.

The latter type requires that you exercise with different types of dumbbells.

4. Pull Ups

Pull-ups are a form of exercise that is used to improve muscles on the upper body. The muscles include the trunk muscles, muscles on the arm, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor. Pull-ups do not require sophisticated equipment when working out.

The procedure to be followed while making pull-ups includes:

  • Find a pull-up bar that you can easily reach with your arms raised.
  • Hold the bar with the arms facing in front.
  • With the help of your hands, pull the rest of the body upwards till the pull-up bar is at the same level as your neck.
  • Lower the rest of your body until your arms are fully stretched.
  • Repeat the pull-ups as much as you can.

Different types of pull-ups can be used to improve your exercising experience. Some of the conventional types include the weighted pull-ups that involve working out with weights held between your feet.

5. Hip Thrusts


The gluteus muscle is an important muscle that helps in body movement and changing direction. Hip thrusts are one of the ways that you can improve the strength of the gluteus muscles.

Carrying out the exercise does not require many training pieces.

Here is a simple procedure that will help you start off:

  • Find a bench that is below your knee height.
  • Use the bench to support your shoulders while looking up.
  • With the assistance of your legs, pull your body up; ensure that your shoulders are aligned in a straight line to the knees.
  • Lower your body to the initial position and repeat the exercise as long as you can.

With regular exercising, gluteus thrusts will help you to improve gluteus strength and reduce back pain. A common hip thrust exercise is the hip thrust with bands.

In this kind of exercise, an elastic band is placed on the hip joint to bring about resistance when exercising.

The Takeaway


Incorporating the strength exercises into your Yoga practice will help you to maintain a good body mass index by reducing excess fat in your body. Regular strength exercises are also ideal for healthy bones.

As one grows old, his or her muscle mass diminishes. With proper exercise, however, one can maintain a healthy muscle mass.

Furthermore, strength exercises help to improve your body’s ability to withstand illnesses such lifestyle diseases, management of knee, and spine pain.

Final Say

To reap the maximum benefits of a strength exercise, one has to ensure that he or she is doing each exercise correctly and to do it regularly.

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