6 Important Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Here are six important ways to increase testosterone naturally. Level of testosterone fluctuates throughout the day, so do multiple check-ups.

Testosterone hormone is produced by the testicles. It is often associated with the strength of manhood although women also have it. It plays a vital role in the sexuality of men and reproductive factors. Testosterone contributes to hair and muscle growth in men. Also, it helps in maintaining the level of blood cell and bone density. However, when people reach around 30 years, the standard of testosterone starts to decline and continue subsequently as one age.

Many factors cause the level of testosterone to drop. For example drugs like statins and chemical exposures. Also the standard of estrogen increase due to broad exposure to estrogen related compounds such as;

  • water,
  • food, and
  • Environmental pollutants

When someone experiences signs such as depressed mood, decrease sex drive, difficulty in memory and concentration and erectile dysfunction, then testosterone level might not be sufficient enough. It is important to seek thorough check up from a doctor to ascertain the same. Level of
testosterone fluctuates throughout the day, so it is important to do multiple check-ups. They are many options to increase the level of testosterone.

Lose weight

If one is overweight, it is important to shed off excess weight to raise the level of testosterone. There is much research that shows that obese men have a low level of testosterone, so this is an important trick to start shedding off excess weight. During the process of losing weight, one should strictly limit processed sugar in the diet. Excess sugar especially fructose is the primary factor that contributes to obesity. Also, one should cut down soda and its related products. Total fructose consumption should be less than 25 grams per day.

Also, one should avoid milk and grains in the diet. Milk has an ingredient called lactose which contributes to increased insulin resistance. So it is important to avoid it at all costs to lose weight. Other things that one should cut down is refined carbohydrates. Example of refined carbohydrates include waffles, bagels, breakfast cereals, and pretzels. Healthy substitutes contain healthy fats and vegetable. Amount of vegetables should be more than the intake of carbohydrates. Getting plenty of high quality and restful sleep

Having enough sleep is essential just like exercise and diet. It also has significant positive impact on testosterone levels. The ideal sleep varies from one person to another. Those individuals who sleep less than 5 hours in a night was linked to a high reduction in the level of testosterone. Many
types of the research argue that for every one hour of sleep that level of testosterone rise by 15%. The best number of hours that is recommended is 7-10 hours.


Consuming plenty of Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that has been proven to increase the level of testosterone. Zinc should be supplemented with diet every day. Many studies show that those who have low levels of testosterone and consume a diet with plenty of zinc for consecutive six weeks, the level of
testosterone increases gradually. Zinc also protect men from exercises that are known to reduce testosterone level. People`s diet should be rich in zinc along with protein rich foods like beans, meat, yogurt and raw cheese. If one prefer zinc supplement, then it is important to stick to a
dosage that is less than 40 mg a day.

Strength training

Strength training is known to boost testosterone. One should intensively train to produce maximum results. One should focus on exercises that work on a large number of muscles such as squats and dead lifts. Starting from slow movement to a high-intensity movement will strengthen the muscles. The Super slow movement will allow the muscle at the little level to offer a maximum number of bridges between protein filaments.

Optimising vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is known as a steroid hormone that is important in the development of sperm cell nucleus. It also helps in maintaining sperm count and quality of semen. It also increases levels of testosterone in boosting libido. There is research which shows that when overweight men are given Vitamin D supplements, there will be a tremendous increase of testosterone level within one year. There is a lack of vitamin D in many parts of the world especially the USA because people spend most of the time indoors working. The natural way is to get exposure to the sun at least 2 hours in a day.

reducing stress

Reducing stress

The best natural way to increase testosterone in the body is to reduce stress at all cost. When the body is put under stress, it releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol will block the reproduction of testosterone. The best way to manage stress is to use Emotional Freedom
Technique. Other ways to reduces stress include meditation, yoga, and laughter. Testosterone is not only important in mating but also in activities such as concentration and memory. Keeping it to the desired level is important.

3 Simple Ways to Gain More Weight Smartly

Attaining a healthy body weight can open you up to a whole new universe of happiness and wellness. It can help you say hello to more energy and vitality.

Weight problems can affect people in many different ways. Some people are overweight and need to lose. There are also people who are underweight who need to gain. It doesn’t matter what your specific issue is. Your goal should always be to attain a healthy weight for your height and age group. Being overweight comes with all sorts of risks and negative consequences. Being underweight comes with just as many potential problems, too. Excessively low body weight can sometimes negatively interfere with the strength of your immune system.

That can make you a lot more vulnerable to the flu and common cold. Low body weight can also often lead to nutritional shortages, hormone troubles, low energy and even confidence issues. If you want to free yourself of all of the negative effects of low body weight, you should learn how to gain the safe and smart way. Attaining a healthy body weight can open you up to a whole new universe of happiness and wellness. It can help you say hello to more energy and vitality. It can help you say hello to better confidence levels as well.

Remember, you need to focus on safe weight gain. That means that you need to steer clear of junk food. It’s never a good idea to try to pack on more pounds by indulging in greasy fast foods, sweets and sodas.

Consume More Calories Than You Actually Burn

1. Make Sure You Consume More Calories Than You Actually Burn

Weight gain is a science. If you want to gain weight, you have to consume more calories. It’s as simple as that. Focus on achieving a caloric surplus. If you’re looking to gain in a gradual manner, you can strive to consume anywhere between 300 and 500 more total calories than you actually
burn on a daily basis.

People who want to take smart and safe approaches to weight gain should never try to do things overnight. Abrupt weight gain attempts are never the best idea. If you want to play it safe, doing things gradually is your best bet. It’s also critical to consult with your doctor prior to making any caloric changes or dietary adjustments in general. He or she can provide you with additional insight that can help you make safe and healthy choices.

Consume Significant Amounts of Protein

2. Consume Significant Amounts of Protein

If you want to gain weight like a champion, protein is one of your greatest assets. Protein is vital for people who want to gain weight with intelligence. Muscles consist of protein. If you lack sufficient protein in your diet, your excess calories may become body fat. People who want to gain weight and look and feel fit as a fiddle should prioritize routine protein consumption. Make a point to consume foods that are chock-full of the nutrient. Examples of protein-rich foods are eggs, fish, meat, Greek yogurt, nuts and legumes. Dairy items in general are often rich in protein.

It can also be a smart idea to go for protein supplements. Whey protein can do wonders for people who want to up their protein intake considerably. Supplements can be terrific for people who are having
problems squeezing sufficient amounts of protein into their daily meal plans. It’s important to understand that protein is essential for successful muscle development. If you consume enough protein, you won’t simply gain fat. You’ll also gain vital muscle weight. This is imperative.

3. Consume Meals on a More Frequent Basis

Frequent food consumption can be a great option for people who are looking to gain weight the right way. People who are underweight tend to get full quickly. If you want to protect yourself from the pitfall of stopping eating prematurely, frequent meal consumption may be the way to go. If
you’re underweight and looking to gain, refrain from the typical "three meals a day" plan most people adopt.

Try to consume between five and six meals on a daily basis. Frequent meals with comparatively small portions can do the trick. Underweight people often respond better to small portions. Big portions can often be extremely overwhelming to them.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

If you’re looking to gain weight the healthy and smart way, you have to make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Weight gain shouldn’t be a race. If you want to make your health a focal point during the weight gain process, you need to consume foods that have lots of nutrients. It can be
wise to go for whole grain cereals, pastas and breads.

It can be smart to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Seeds, nuts and lean protein can all also be great for people who want to gain weight healthily. If you give yourself plenty of time, you should be golden.

Best Supplements for Strength Building – Top 7 to Consider

If you want to augment your strength, takingĀ supplements that feature glutamine, leucine, creatine, protein powder and zinc can be beneficial to that goal when done properly.

Additionally, you may do research on roducts that contain citrulline, which is an amino acid that is able to stimulate the creation of nitric oxide in the blood.

Likewise, citrulline can increase blood flow to the muscles and may augment the natural production of human growth hormone.

Let’s go over all seven of the above mentioned and what role each plays in strength building, as well as how it affects your muscles and anatomy.

The Benefits of Creatine


Creatine is able to substantially boost the amount of water that reaches the muscle fibers, and consequently, the natural compound raises the levels of vitamins and minerals that positively affect the muscles.

Creatine can tremendously increase strength, and one study suggested that a daily dose of 15 grams of creatine may boost power output by approximately 12 percent within 80 days.

In addition, the supplement can significantly augment the volume and the hardness of the muscles.

The compound is capable of inducing the production of adenosine triphosphate, which can boost energy and prolong workouts. Creatine is also able to notably increase a bodybuilder’s level of testosterone.

If you’re in the market to buy right now, make sure to do your research first. This is a handy list of the best creatine supplements to consider by Top10supps.


In general, glutamine is the most prolific amino acid in the skeletal muscles, and the natural compound can augment power output, decrease fat, stimulate the production of testosterone and reduce soreness that may be caused by training sessions.

If an athlete experiences an injury, glutamine may notably shorten the individual’s recovery period. Additionally, the amino acid can prevent the muscle fibers from breaking down when the body is in a catabolic state.

Protein Powder


Protein powder can increase overall strength and improve the hardness of the muscles, and the supplement may speed up the recovery period after workouts. Typically, an athlete should consume at least 1 gram of protein for each kilogram of body weight every day.

Many manufacturers will also list the levels of amino acids that each serving contains, and ideally, a dose should provide more than 2 grams of glutamine and 250 milligrams of lysine.

Every serving can also offer at least 300 milligrams of glycine, which is an amino acid that increases the amount of collagen that the body produces.

As with the creatine list above, there is another great article from Top10supps that ranks the top 10 protein powders in every category. Make sure to check it out before making any purchases! It’s a great resource.


Various analyses have shown that ashwagandha may increase power output and improve cardiovascular endurance, and if an athlete takes at least 500 milligrams of ashwagandha every day, the compound is able to augment muscle mass and to boost an individual’s level of testosterone.

The herb may also decrease anxiety and reduce jitteriness that can be caused by caffeine and other stimulatory compounds.

Ashwagandha features numerous antioxidants, which are able to significantly mitigate the effects of environmental toxins, stress hormones and overtraining.

Protects Muscle Mass

Numerous analyses have shown that the herb’s antioxidants can protect muscle mass when the body is undergoing a stressful experience, and extra oxidative stress may be caused by an injury, a particularly long run, a chronic lack of sleep and certain foods.

Ashwagandha is also capable of stimulating the production of triiodothyronine, which is a thyroid hormone that can augment energy and reduce fat.

Additionally, several detailed reports indicated that the botanical may allow athletes to extend the duration of each training session by approximately 28 percent.


Like arginine, leucine can stimulate the creation of human growth hormone, which is able to boost the density of muscles, reduce fat, increase the thickness of the skin and improve energy.

If a bodybuilder takes at least 500 milligrams of leucine before a workout, the supplement may increase the production of nitric oxide. Therefore, the amino acid can cause extra oxygen to reach the muscles and may boost the athlete’s strength.

Various analyses have shown that isoleucine and valine can enhance the positive effects of leucine. The three amino acids may substantially enhance protein synthesis after extensive training sessions.

Likewise, the natural substances can prevent the breakdown of muscle fibers when the body is lacking protein, glutamine or a sufficient amount of calories.



Citrulline is able to increase the amount of oxygen that can positively affect the muscle fibers by enhancing blood flow to the skeletal muscles. Consequently, the compound may improve muscular endurance, augment the volume of the muscles, increase the weight that an athlete can lift and reduce fat.

An extensive report showed that citrulline could boost the production of human growth hormone by more than 65 percent during workouts. After a single dose of citrulline, the amino acid’s positive effects will generally have a duration of four hours to seven hours.

Before each workout, a bodybuilder may take at least 500 milligrams of citrulline. Optimally, an individual should consume 1,500 milligrams of the amino acid per day.

Utilizing Zinc

Zinc can substantially improve strength by stimulating the production of testosterone, and like leucine, the compound might raise the blood’s concentration of human growth hormone.

The mineral also boosts levels of thyroid hormones that can enhance energy. Moreover, zinc will typically raise an individual’s level of collagen, which is a natural protein that is found in skeletal muscles.

Collagen may lessen the risk of injuries and reduce the effects of soreness during intense training sessions.

Generally, an athlete should consume at least 15 milligrams of elemental zinc every day. According to one analysis, more than 72 percent of Americans likely have inadequate levels of zinc.


anatomy of supplements-for-strength-building

Incorporating supplements into your strength building workouts and regiment can be a great additional if executed correctly. Your body will develop and recover faster, and your muscles will gain the strength you’re after in a more clinical way.

Final words of wisdom are that you should always consult with your physician or doctor before taking any supplements at all. Especially if you have a condition or are experiencing pain; even if you are on other medications, you want to make sure things mesh.