6 Important Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Here are six important ways to increase testosterone naturally. Level of testosterone fluctuates throughout the day, so do multiple check-ups.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone hormone is produced by the testicles. It is often associated with the strength of manhood although women also have it. It plays a vital role in the sexuality of men and reproductive factors. Testosterone contributes to hair and muscle growth in men. Also, it helps in maintaining the level of blood cell and bone density. However, when people reach around 30 years, the standard of testosterone starts to decline and continue subsequently as one age.

Many factors cause the level of testosterone to drop. For example drugs like statins and chemical exposures. Also the standard of estrogen increase due to broad exposure to estrogen related compounds such as;

  • water,
  • food, and
  • Environmental pollutants

When someone experiences signs such as depressed mood, decrease sex drive, difficulty in memory and concentration and erectile dysfunction, then testosterone level might not be sufficient enough. It is important to seek thorough check up from a doctor to ascertain the same. Level of
testosterone fluctuates throughout the day, so it is important to do multiple check-ups. They are many options to increase the level of testosterone.

Lose weight

If one is overweight, it is important to shed off excess weight to raise the level of testosterone. There is much research that shows that obese men have a low level of testosterone, so this is an important trick to start shedding off excess weight. During the process of losing weight, one should strictly limit processed sugar in the diet. Excess sugar especially fructose is the primary factor that contributes to obesity. Also, one should cut down soda and its related products. Total fructose consumption should be less than 25 grams per day.

Also, one should avoid milk and grains in the diet. Milk has an ingredient called lactose which contributes to increased insulin resistance. So it is important to avoid it at all costs to lose weight. Other things that one should cut down is refined carbohydrates. Example of refined carbohydrates include waffles, bagels, breakfast cereals, and pretzels. Healthy substitutes contain healthy fats and vegetable. Amount of vegetables should be more than the intake of carbohydrates. Getting plenty of high quality and restful sleep

Having enough sleep is essential just like exercise and diet. It also has significant positive impact on testosterone levels. The ideal sleep varies from one person to another. Those individuals who sleep less than 5 hours in a night was linked to a high reduction in the level of testosterone. Many
types of the research argue that for every one hour of sleep that level of testosterone rise by 15%. The best number of hours that is recommended is 7-10 hours.


Consuming plenty of Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that has been proven to increase the level of testosterone. Zinc should be supplemented with diet every day. Many studies show that those who have low levels of testosterone and consume a diet with plenty of zinc for consecutive six weeks, the level of
testosterone increases gradually. Zinc also protect men from exercises that are known to reduce testosterone level. People`s diet should be rich in zinc along with protein rich foods like beans, meat, yogurt and raw cheese. If one prefer zinc supplement, then it is important to stick to a
dosage that is less than 40 mg a day.

Strength training

Strength training is known to boost testosterone. One should intensively train to produce maximum results. One should focus on exercises that work on a large number of muscles such as squats and dead lifts. Starting from slow movement to a high-intensity movement will strengthen the muscles. The Super slow movement will allow the muscle at the little level to offer a maximum number of bridges between protein filaments.

Optimising vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is known as a steroid hormone that is important in the development of sperm cell nucleus. It also helps in maintaining sperm count and quality of semen. It also increases levels of testosterone in boosting libido. There is research which shows that when overweight men are given Vitamin D supplements, there will be a tremendous increase of testosterone level within one year. There is a lack of vitamin D in many parts of the world especially the USA because people spend most of the time indoors working. The natural way is to get exposure to the sun at least 2 hours in a day.

reducing stress

Reducing stress

The best natural way to increase testosterone in the body is to reduce stress at all cost. When the body is put under stress, it releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol will block the reproduction of testosterone. The best way to manage stress is to use Emotional Freedom
Technique. Other ways to reduces stress include meditation, yoga, and laughter. Testosterone is not only important in mating but also in activities such as concentration and memory. Keeping it to the desired level is important.